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Kia ora and welcome to my Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir site.

My name is Karen Ferguson and I work at Tamaki College, where I teach Design and Visual Communication to Year 7 through to Year13.

The focus of my enquiry is to aim for higher levels of achievement at NCEA by looking at literacy and vocabulary strategies. These will be supported by the use of SOLO Taxonomy structured activities.

If you have any questions about anything that i share on here, please don't hesitate to contact me using the links at the bottom of the page.

Term 1: Subject Specific Vocabulary

This term we will be looking at strategies to learn, understand and be able to use, subject specific vocabulary.

The students are using the DESCRIBE elements of the SOLO Taxonomy structure to analyse their work.

The students are collecting information about their chosen architect using Google My Maps.

The students are making design elements in 3D using plasticine as an aid to describing them.

The students are playing a card game where they are describing objects to each other from the game cards.

Term 2: Subject Specific Reading and Writing

This term we will be doing subject specific reading tasks, looking at exemplars and each other's work. We will then be doing analysis of design work.

The students are reading exemplars from the NZQA website.

The students are playing a game with no rules to think about design development.

The students are using their literacy strategies to write an analysis of their design development work.

The students are using all of their drawing, rendering and literacy skills to date to produce a final design sheet.

Term 3: Wearable Tech Project

This term we will be doing a whole design project where we will be using all the skills we have been learning in drawing and literacy,

The students are introduced to the new project and they look at how their chosen tech has changed over time before they start their own designs.

The students are doing design developments by building their designs on each other. This is to learn why anthropometrics and ergonomics are important.

The students are putting their design development models into a timeline in order to see the changes. They are then analysing these changes.

The class are doing verbal presentations of their work in front of the whole class.

Term 4: Jump Start

Our year 10 students have started their NCEA Level 1 courses for the final 4 weeks of the year. They are working on a project where they design and make a model of a child's pull along toy.

The students are learning how gears work and how motion is transferred.

The students are combining two things together to create mash-ups. They are presenting their ideas as drawings.

The students are starting to think about what their pull along toy will look like and are producing some first ideas.

The students are looking at how colours work together to create specific effects.


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