Emoji Card Game Warm Up.mp4

When we were all together, we played a game with a pack of emoji cards to warm us up. The instructions for the rest of the lesson was to sit in pairs and use the help cards to describe to each other what is pictured on the cards.

Direct Instruction

The students are working in pairs and are playing a card game. This involves them DESCRIBING the product that is on the card to their partner.

Extended plan here


My session with the whole class was more interactive than usual as we used it as a warm up time and did a game all together.

I think this set the tone well for the rest of the lesson where the students had to work in pairs on the describing activities.

They managed to stay focused on the activity / game for the full time (approx 15 minutes).

Ongoing Lesson.mp4

This is some of the ongoing lesson during the describe card game.

Class Site Content

This is the drive folder with the description cards.

This is the card game we were playing in the warm up

Learner Generated Content

I have included the full 15 minutes of the game for each team here. I decided to do this as their conversations for the whole time were focussed on the task and they were working hard at the describing that they had to do. These videos also show that they were having fun while doing the activity. Please scrub through to see different sections throughout the videos.

Team 1.mp4

Team 1

Team 2.mp4

Team 2

Team 3.mp4

Team 3

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