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Kia ora and welcome to my 2023 Class OnAir site. My name is Kelsey Parrant and this is my seventh year teaching in a 1-1 Digital learning environment. 

I am a year 5 teacher at Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand. I teach in a shared space with one other teacher. Our studnets access their learning through a class site using their chromebooks. 

You will see me facilitate lessons to the whole class and small groups. The small groups that this site focuses on are considered to have similar learning needs, forming a collaborative learning group. 

If you would like to contact me about any of my lessons or activities, please contact me via the links below. 

Term 1: "Keep it Real: Tika, Pono, Aroha"

This term our focus is on connecting with our school, our whānau and our community. Our team focus questions for the term is how does learning about the past help us in the future?

Term 2: "Changes Matter"

 This term our focus is on identifying solids, liquids and gases and the changes that each of these materials can have. Our teams focus question for the term is how do changes to materials occur and why?

Term 3: "Fit for Purpose"

 This term our focus is on being active, healthy eating, sports and a positive mindset. Our teams focus questions for this term is how can I think, act and be positive?

Term 4: "Make it Work"

 This term our focus is on using the design thinking process to create something usable around our school. Our teams focus question for this term is what can we design and create to imporve our team 4 outdoor area?

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