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Kia ora and welcome to my Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir episodes for 2020. This is my eighth year teaching at Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand and my sixth year in a digital 1-1 classroom. 

I teach with a team of six year 7/8 teachers and our students travel across our team to different teachers for different subject areas. The students use a Chromebook to access their learning and a range of examples from their lessons will be shown throughout the year. 

During my lessons, you will see whole class, peer-to-peer and small group interactions.  Often, these small group interactions are designed to focus on a student's individual learning needs.  You will also see some lessons that show what it was like for our teaching and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Term 1: Hope

This term our focus is to discover more about our identity and how to maintain good mental, physical, spiritual and social health.  This term ended up being two weeks shorter than was anticipated due to the worldwide Covid-19 breakout. Students completed the final week of the term from home as we began to teach from a distance using Google Meets. 

Term 2: We are the World

This term our focus is on science and the living earth. Our intermediate students will be focusing the different spheres of our planet and the effects that humans have on each sphere.  During the first five weeks of Term 2 we were distance teaching as our students are learning from home during the Covid-19 lockdown, and during the last seven weeks we transitioned back to a very different classroom style of teaching under the New Zealand  Level 2 restrictions. 

Term 3: A World of Difference

This term, our focus is on myths and legends from around the world. We are using the myths and legends genre to learn more about various landforms, countries and cultures from around the globe. It has been another trialing term for us. We had an exciting camp week during the third week of the term, and shortly after (in Week 4) Auckland was placed back into Level 3 lockdown, which meant we were distance learning once again. We were able to return to school for the last 4 weeks of the term, under New Zealand Level 2.5 restrictions. 

Term 4: Art Alive!

This term, our focus is visual arts. Our team is focusing on various artists from around the world and the techniques they each used when creating using their chosen medium.  

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