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For the purpose of this distance learning writing task, students were asked to gather supplies found in and around their own home to help them create their own poppy to display for Anzac Day. They were then tasked with writing their own set of instructions for others to follow to create poppies of their own.

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When thinking about how I wanted this week to go for writing from home, I wanted to provide a fun way for the students to have free creative choice, while still tying it to our Anzac Literacy theme. It was also fun to see families coming together to spend time gathering and creating their poppies. It is during this time that we need to remember that the learning outcomes, while working at home, have the ability to be so much greater than what we would expect them to be in our face to face/traditional classroom. Learning opportunities that allow memories to be made, while providing opportunities for families to come together and use their creativity in our otherwise digitally focused world, are some of the best teaching experiences we can offer our students during this time.

Please Note: When students are speaking on the Google Meet, the screen has been cropped to prevent their full name from being shown.

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THINK : Why is the poppy significant to Anzac Day?

WATCH: This video will give you some information about why the poppy is significant

CREATE: Your task is to create a poppy of your own from materials you find around your house. Be creative!

WRITE: Write step by step directions that you can show on your blog.telling how you made your poppy.

SHARE: When you have finished your poppy and written instructions, be sure to read it over (maybe read it to someone at home) before posting.

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