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Auckland is in the final days of Level 2.5 and as a result our classroom is still spaced out accordingly. However, you will notice that when we moved to working in small groups, we were careful to have the small groups spaced out as much as we were able.

In this lesson, we discussed the Te Whare Tapa Whā wellness model that we have been using throughout the year to create our own wellness models for a Covid lockdown.

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Reflection: We were able to record this lesson over the course of two afternoons, and I think it was great for students to have some time to process their brainstorm for a bit before creating their own digital model. When creating their digital model, some students decided to work independently, while others chose to work together. I was very proud of my students and the work they were able to create for us to remember if ever find ourselves in a lockdown situation again.

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WALT: consider the wellness of others.

Whare Tapa Whā

The past few terms we have been using the elements of Whare Tapa Whā to discuss the different things that have been going on around us as we moved in and out of Levels 2-4.

What would it look like if New Zealand had a wellness model for lockdown experiences? What do you think is important to include?

LEARN: As a small group, you will be brainstorming the elements that you think are important to consider in a wellness plan for a Covid Lockdown experience.

CREATE: Once you have decided on your dimensions, come up with a shape to represent your wellness model. Then, creatively put your dimensions, elements and shape together as a wellness poster.

SHARE: Share your wellness poster on your blog with a well written task description.

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