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Direct Instruction:

We are once again Distance Learning, with Auckland placed back into Covid Level 3. Therefore, this lesson takes place on a Google Meet with the students that attended our Literacy Meet on that specific day. This lesson has us looking at a video and then using a transcript to help summarise the information from the video as we introduce New Zealand mythology through the taniwha found across our country.

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Overall, I feel, that that given the circumstances, this lesson went relatively well. We were still adjusting back into distance learning and at times, students were a bit reluctant to verbally share. By providing them with a tangible task (brainstorming on the Google Drawing and highlighting on the transcript) to complete before discussing that portion of the lesson, they were able to have something prepared to share. Personally, I have come back into distance teaching with a whole different set of skills than I had at the beginning of our first distance learning experience. I learnt that students need something to do collaboratively during the lesson to promote interaction, and this lesson did just that.

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