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In this lesson, we discussed the colour wheel and how many artists use colour to express emotion through their artwork. Students worked to create their own artistic colour wheels using paint as a medium.

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Reflection: This lesson was particularly fun and rewarding. It was great to see the students immediately make the connection between colour and emotion based on the artwork we had previously studied. It was also nice to see the excitement was they began to make connections between the various colours that they had used when previously replicating the artwork of Edvard Munch's "The Scream". It was also a very quick (and controlled) way to see which students would be able to cope with a more in depth painting project and which students will need more guidance and we move ahead in our study of art.

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WALT: gain an understanding of how colour is used by artists.

Exploring the Colour Wheel

Now that we have learnt about various artists from around the world, let's take a closer look at the possible "why" behind their colour choices.

LEARN: As a class, we will explore the colour wheel after watching The Colours Song video.

CREATE: Using the instructions provided in class, you will create your own stencil template to use when cutting out your painted colour wheel.

SHARE: Share your Colour Wheel on your blog with a well written task description. We will also be sharing some of our colour wheels during out school art exhibition next week.

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