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Direct Instruction:

The learning intention for this lesson was to have students work collaboratively to solve a real life problem involving multiplication and division.

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Today was the best problem solving session this group of students has had so far this term! The students were all engaged in the problem and each group worked extremely well together as they discussed their various strategies. Students also asked questions to clarify the thinking of others when they were unsure about what was being explained in their small group.

Unfortunately, my camera stopped recording once we got the the whole group sharing back portion of our lesson, and then my connection to the big ideas that was made after the groups presented. However, if I had the opportunity to show it would have meant that I had to made the group problem solving sessions even shorter.

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WALT: divide using whole numbers.

WALT:work collaboratively to problem solve and explain our thinking.

1. Discuss the problem as a class.

2. Work with your problem solving group to find the solution to the question the story is asking. Remember: If you are a knowledge seeker your job is to ask questions and if you are a knowledge holder your job is to explain your thinking to others so that they understand.

3. CREATE: Work with a partner to create a DLO (using Google Slides or Drawing) to show the best way to solve the problem. Then, use your DLO to help you record a Screencastify video with your partner explaining your thinking.

4. Share your Screencastify and DLO on your blog with a picture of your group's working out page. Don't forget to include a task description.

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