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We are now learning at Covid Level 1 and as a result we are still respecting the space of others when possible. This lesson shows a small group teaching using the decipipe manipulative set to build and then add decimals. Later, students in the original group became the experts and worked with a friend to show them how to use the decipipes to add decimals.

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It was so nice to be teaching a small group of students once again. The four students I choose to work with were able to solidify their place value knowledge when building their numbers on the decipipes and it was great to see the student discussion that took place during this process. It was evident as we moved through the lesson which students were beginning to image and no longer need the decipipes manipulative to visualise the numbers and the process to find the answer to the addition problems. However, when watching the movies they created with their peers the next day it was easy to identify some of the errors (ie using the hundredths and ones) that they were already making and it enabled me to have a direct focus of a review session for them and their partner.

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WALT: solve problems that involve adding decimals.

WALT: build decimals using decimats.

Decimats Intro.mp4

  1. After watching the video, complete the decimats task.

  2. As a group, meet with the teacher to learn how to use decipipes when adding decimals.

  3. CREATE: Choose a partner not from our learning group, and spend some time teaching them how to use the decipipes. Once your partner has developed an understanding of using the decipipes to add decimals, do a problem together and record yourselves to share your learning on your blog.

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