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Direct Instruction:

The learning intention for this lesson was for the students to ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of the text and to use information from the text to support their understanding of unknown words/phrases.

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This lesson was the first time this year that we have read a non-fiction article as a group and it was good to have the opportunity to show the students that the strategies we are learning in fictional texts work for non-fiction as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see that although the students in the group were a little camera shy, they were not afraid to answers questions they were confident discussing. I found it interesting that they got a bit funny about reading aloud with the cameras on because they are used to reading aloud in our small group sessions. We also had to stop a few times while reading to consult with one of our fluent Cook Island students to be sure that we were saying some words properly, and even then I know we still mispronounced some words.

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WALT: ask questions about what we are learning to gain a deeper understanding of the text.

WALT: use information in the text to support our understanding of unknown words and phrases

1. Read "Tīvaevae"

2. Meet with Mrs. Moala to discuss the text and to dive deeper with some of the vocabulary.

3. Complete the Learning Task

4. Read "My Mother's Coat" and discuss with Mrs. Moala.

5.Complete the Learning Task.

6. CREATE: Complete the Tivaevae Create Task with a partner.

7. Post your learning task to your blog. Be sure to include 2-3 sentence task description.

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