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Direct Instruction

The students were introduced to the idea of using plasticine to visualise the design elements of their chosen designers in 3D.

They will then record themselves describing the form and how it applies to the style of their designer.

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What went well.

Lesson Content :- the students seemed to enjoy making the design element of form rather than just draw it. There was enough content even though it is quite a simple activity.

Lesson Pacing :- this task has taken a few lessons but this was panned for so it has not affected anything else.

Lesson Delivery :- I tried to keep the time down of me talking to them about the task altogether this time. I have done more one to one talking as they were working on their models.

Student Understanding :- some students made some good, very simplified forms were being made which is exactly what I wanted them to get out of the exercise. Their ability to simplify down what they are seeing will help them to use this knowledge to design a different product with these forms as they are no longer seeing the forms as buildings.

Student Outcomes :- the descriptions videos are short but they have made the students think about their models and what is the main thing that they are seeing.

What still needs work.

Lesson Delivery :- I should have had a few pictures of buildings in front of me when I was demonstrating so I could have shown the students how I was getting the form I was making and what I was and was not including. This would have helped with the issues in understanding (next section)

Student Understanding :- some of the students did not get the idea that they were pulling out simple forms from the buildings and they made 3D plasticine models of whole buildings, sometimes with windows and everything.

Student Outcomes :- there is not examples from all of the students yet as the speed of completing the work was very slow in some cases. These students found it difficult to stay on task.

Other Comments.

This was quite successful as a task to analyse form. I could give the students a choice of videoing their work or photographing it and writing the descriptions for those who do not enjoy making a video about their work.

For those who have difficulties putting into words what they are seeing, it was good to see their understanding being shown by what they were making in 3D.

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Learner Generated Content

These are 4 brief examples of description videos produced by students about their models.

Vaifoa 1.mp4
Vaifoa 2.mp4

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