Gear Introduction.mp4

Direct Instruction

We have a set of gears that have been made on the 3D printer so the introduction was about showing them the pieces we have and how to connect them together. There is also a worksheet to refer to for more understanding.

Extended plan


This was very much a hands on activity so they were learning as they were going. I only wanted to talk to them about how to use the equipment and how it fits together. Most of the double lesson was spent experimenting to see "what happens when .."

Class Site Content

This is activity 2 on the site.

Learner Generated Content


First Activity

To start with, they had to connect the gears together and see the motion that was created.


Second Activity

The students had to get the movement being transferred from one side of the board to the other.


Third Activity

The challenge was to get the motion transferring from one side of the table to the other, using multiple boards and working as a team.


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