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Direct Instruction

I had the students together so that we could all input into the word bank on the document.

These need to be words that they have had exposure to in the project so far.

They will be using these words in the describe exercise that they are doing as part of their design analysis.

Extended plan here

These are short videos showing one to one discussions with the students about their work.

Student work 1.mov
Student work 2.mov
Student work 3.mov
Student work 4.mov
Student work 5.mov
Student work 6.mov


What went well.

Lesson Content :- There was one task to do but it was the student’s first time doing this so there was enough to do.

Lesson Pacing :- About half of the students got onto the analysis work.

Lesson Delivery :- I had quite a bit to talk to them about at the start of the session, so this section was just part of it. I was able to work with them on a one to one bass a lot which was helpful to them and me to see how they were understanding what to do.

Student Understanding :- They joined in the whole group discussion really well considering this was the first time we tried something like this.

Student Outcomes :- They have started to put together some good answers to the questions on the sheet.

What still needs work.

Lesson Content :- I should have supplied some sentence starters for some of the students as there was some confusion as to whether they had to write the questions out or not.

Lesson Pacing :- The students have not all started this activity yet as they are still working on their design developments. I need to make sure they are all giving feedback to others on the community whether they have completed 3 developments or not.

Lesson Delivery :- More support is needed as i was not able to get round and help everyone one to one. This support could be sentence starters or screen casts of what to do so they feel more comfortable with what to do.

Student Understanding :- I had to work with a few of them to get them to understand about answering the questions in full sentences.

Student Outcomes :- We need a lot more time on this. I don’t think that this is a bad thing though as this is their first time doing this.

Class Site Content

Design Development Analysis Step 1 - Describe

This is the document that we worked on together to put the word bank on before the students used it to guide their writing. This was shared into the class community so they could all have access to it.

Learner Generated Content

Class Google Plus


On here is the design development work that the students have completed and they have started to analyse the work in the comment sections under the posts.

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