Game instructions.mp4

These are the brief instructions given at the start of the activity. You may want to turn your sound down as the rain on the shelter we were under is really loud. I have put subtitles on the video.

Direct Instruction

The students are given very minimal instructions about how to play a game and no questions are answered. They are not told what we are doing or why we are doing it. They have to slowly evolve the rules of the game over time by either adding a rule or changing one that is there. Each run of the game is 2 minutes before a change is made.

Rule Changes.mp4

This shows a couple of examples of when the rules were added to or changed during the progress of the game.

Evolution of the game.mp4

This shows how the game evolved over time with the rule changes and additions.


My main intention for the lesson was to get a reaction from the students due to not knowing what we were doing, why we were doing it or not knowing what the big picture was. In this regard, the lesson was a success. The weather affected our plans to play this game on the field and we could not use the gym or the auditorium as they were both being used. Where we were ended up was a last minute change so the students had to cope with other classes walking past and the weather.

Class Site Content


These were the rules that the class came up with as the game went along.


These are the resources used for the lesson.

Learner Generated Content

Tyli and Chelsea.mp4

Tyli and Chelsea



Analysing the game.mp4

This video shows the teacher instruction at the start of the second lesson of this activity where we were reflecting on what happened during the game the previous day.

This padlet is the feedback that I received from the questions :-

  • How did you feel when I wouldn't tell you why we were doing the activity?

  • How did it make you feel when you did not know all the rules before you started?

  • What did you think when I would not answer any of your questions?

  • How did you feel when you did not agree with the rules that others were making?

  • How did you feel when you had a great idea for a rule but your name did not come out of the bag?

  • How do you feel when we do Design development? Is there anything that is the same as how you felt yesterday?

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