My Map - Who Am I?.mov

This Video introduces the My Map where we are working as a whole class on the same map.

Direct Instruction

This revolved around the class working in teams to collect information from the internet about their chosen architect. The instruction is about working in their teams, using a shared Google Document and using a shared Google My Map.

Extended plan here

My Map -

This video is the introduction to the class making team MyMaps about their architect.

Shared Information

This video shows some of the ongoing lesson with the students working on their information collection.


What went well.

Lesson Content :- The work on the Google MyMap went well. The students enjoyed doing this as it was a new way to present work.

Lesson Pacing :- This content was over 2-3 sessions so the students were able to get into the content without rushing.

Lesson Delivery :- Having everyone work on the same map to start with was effective as they were supporting each other and were really interested in what each other was putting on the map. Some of them even branched out into putting more “interesting’ places on the shared map - like the Fukushima nuclear plant, which gave them all a laugh about the activity.

The actual architect map that they then went on to make went well, and they shared out the work between them.

Student Understanding :- It was interesting to watch how fascinated the students were to see where in the world the buildings were, instead of just reading about them.

Student Outcomes :- Most teams have created a good map full of information. The maps show how widely spread the work of the architects is.

What still needs work.

Lesson Content :- I should have pre-structured the groups before the activity, as there was a lot of shuffling about around the makeup of the groups.

Lesson Pacing :- I need to give time limits for individual tasks so that they don’t drag out and affect the timing of the next thing to do. This is especially true when I am planning on a few activities within a set of lessons.

Lesson Delivery :- I think I probably spoke a little too long at the start again. I never seem to hit a happy medium here. I don’t know whether to tell them everything all in one chunk or to keep getting them back round the front for smaller chunks. Getting them round the front is a bit of a mission sometimes though and it disrupts their work flow.

Student Understanding :- Working in teams has been good but I do worry that a couple of the students were just “riding” along, so their understanding might have suffered along the way.

Student Outcomes :- Not all students completed everything in the time given.

Other Comments.

Finding a more interesting way to present the information that they have to find worked well. This can be quite a dry part of the project for them so I am keen to try anything that will get them into it.

Class Site Content

Learner Generated Content

This is the whole class My Map where they were putting a pin for where they live now ad a pin for where their family is from.

Link to the Map

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