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Direct Instruction

This short talk with the students was about looking at how their chosen tech has changed over a timescale of 10+ year so they need to think about how this will affect their designs for the future.


Having the long chat about the new topic at the start helped the students focus in on what they were being asked to do. I don't get them round for 20 minutes at a time very often but I think it is important to introduce a new topic thoroughly.

Seeing how tech has changed over time was an interesting experience for them as they were laughing at what some of the items they were researching looked like eg the games consoles.

There has been a lot of individual, one to one help as they start on their concept ideas as this is such a new thing for them to try and do.

Class Site Content

Wearable Tech Intro.mp4

Introduction to the Topic

Before we had this session we had quite an extensive whole class chat about what wearable tech might be. This video is quite long (20 mins) as it is the whole pre topic chat.

Chat outline on the board

This is the board showing what we were talking about during the introductory chat about the topic.

Learner Generated Content


Talking about his headphone idea and what will .be different in the future

Wearable Tech Ongoing 1.mp4
Wearable Tech Ongoing 4.mp4


Talking about his wearable fitness tech and what needs people will have in the future.

Wearable Tech Ongoing 2.mp4


Talking about his watch design and why it is looking more like jewellery.


wearable tech that creates holograms for personal communication.

Wearable Tech Ongoing 3.mp4


These timelines were produced on Google Drawings. The link here is to images of the work produced.


Headphone design.


Holographic sword design for roleplay and cosplay.


Watch design that is more decorative.

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