Kia ora,

I am Monty Jones and in 2017 I am teaching Year 11, 12 and 13 maths classes at Tamaki College.

This site will follow the Year 12 Maths with Calculus class. The course will focus on the algebra and calculus standards at NCEA Level 2, with the purpose of preparing students for NCEA Level 3 Calculus.

I hope to engage students by showing them the applications of maths in our community - Glen Innes.

Term 1: Co-ordinate Geometry and Statistics

This term our focus is on Co-ordinate Geometry (2.1) and Statistical Inference (2.9). We will be using Geogebra and NZGrapher to support our learning.

Term 2: Trigonometry and Simultaneous Equations

This term we will work on Trigonometry (2.4) and Systems of Equations (2.14). We will also begin to cover some of the algebra needed for the externals.

Term 3: Calculus and Experiments

This term we will work on Calculus (2.7) and Experiments (2.10). We will be using our devices to complement the Walkermaths books.

Term 4: Linear Algebra

This term the Year 10 Jump-start class are learning about gradients and lines. We will be using Google Sheets and Student Desmos to assist our learning.