Direct instruction

The learning intention was to Apply Linear Systems of Equations to Solve Problems. Our class has been using Teacher Desmos to support the learning for this standard - Systems of Equations 2.14.

This video shows the students working through the Racing Dots activity.

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This lesson did not go as well as I had hoped. Some of the students found the context abstract and next time I will do the Playing Catch-Up activity first, as I think students will find this easier to relate too. I also need to bring the class in more often, when using activities such as this, because there is no instant feedback. I found this activity really powerful in how it related equations, graphs and tables - this was a huge positive that I took out of this lesson. Another thing to keep in mind is that these activities can take quite a while. Next time I will try the Teacher Desmos activity in a double period.

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Instructions on Google+

Do Now: Complete this quiz on Solving System of Equations by Graphing

Then: We will apply Linear Systems of Equations to Racing Dots on Student Desmos

Extension activity on Khan Academy

Wrapping up by completing Week 7 Reflection

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