Direct instruction

The aim of this lesson was to build their maths vocabulary so they are able to confidently interpret the context questions in the Calculus external examination.

This video shows students working on their Calculus Glossary doc and then finishes with the students competing in a Quizlet Live (covering the same terms they worked on in their doc).

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The start of the lesson was not as smooth as it could have been, with the students having to copy a template from one document to another before they started their work. Next time I would have the glossary document ready to go (with all terms, colours and diagrams), rather than adding to it throughout the topic. When the students got started on the work they were engaged and I believe that having an explicit focus on the vocabulary of Calculus has helped accelerate their learning. The Quizlet Live at the end of the lesson was a great way to finish, it tested their understanding in an engaging way and encouraged collaboration between students.

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Students open their Calculus Glossary on Workspace and then update their glossary by copying the new page of terms, definitions and diagrams.

To the right is a screenshot of the activity. Note that the colours are not correctly matched up with the terms and there is not a colour to show the nature of a turning point.

Towards the end of the lesson the teacher will start the Quizlet Live and the student will login to the activity with the code on the board.

After the Quizlet Live, the class will look at the feedback on the quiz, that is automatically generated to show what the students were confident with and what they need to focus on.

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