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The learning intention was to review feedback from the Quadrilateral Task and develop next steps. The purpose of this lesson was for the students to independently review their work using the RISK framework to help prepare them for their internal assessment.

This video shows students using Google Docs to read their feedback, then it shows students learning from the exemplar video and finally how students can use the RISK framework to identify their next steps.

Detailed plan and reflection here


I thought that the exemplar video was worthwhile and that students used it efficiently to identify where they got stuck. The RISK framework is a great tool to provide next steps for students, but I didn't spend enough time demonstrating how to use it. Next time I would comprehensively model how students can use the framework and the different steps that they could take to manage their mistakes.

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Instructions on Google+

Today we are reviewing the Quadrilateral Task activity.

1. Open up your Quadrilateral Task and read the feedback that I have given.

2. Get into pairs and comment on at each other's work using RISK framework.

3. Have a look at my exemplar video and the exemplar answers to build on your next steps.

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