Direct instruction

The learning intention was to investigate how to calculate the length of an arc - the final skill that we learnt for Trigonometry 2.4. Our class had been learning a new skill every few days and used the MathsNZ Trigonometry resources as activities to support their learning.

The video shows the shows the teaching of the new concept and the students using the MathsNZ website to get instant feedback on their work.

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I think that this lesson linked well with the other skills that we have been doing for this standard (Trigonometry 2.4). The students are in a good routine of doing a Do Now focussed on the skill learnt from the previous lesson, then learning a new skill and finally applying that skill by using the resources on So far my lessons for this standard have been heavily focussed on learning new skills and we haven't yet applied these skills to real-life contexts. Next time I teach this standard I would like to add contextual questions that are applicable for each new skill we learn.

Learning Site Content

Instructions on Google+

Do Now: Complete this quiz on the Area of a Sector

Then: We will be learning about the Arc of a Circle

Main activity on Arc of a Circle using MathsNZ

Extension activity on Khan Academy

Wrapping up with Kahoot


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