Direct instruction

The aim of this lesson was to get students to be able to represent coordinates by using a table, to have an engaging end to Term 2 and to build some further confidence with gradients before beginning Calculus next term. Students formed groups and their scores were recorded on the board.

This video shows the students attempting the Mini Golf Marbleslides activity on Student Desmos.

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This lesson was engaging and a great way to finish the term. Mini Golf Marbleslides is an fantastic activity that got the students thinking about tables, coordinates and how the gradient affected the path of the marbles. I decided to do the scoring with each line being a shot and if all the marbles went in the hole, a shot was deducted. Next time I would not do the shot deducting for all the marbles going in the hole, instead I would save that for an extension activity once the students have finished all of the holes. I also didn't make it clear that the winning team was the team with the lowest score who had finished all of the nine holes! Tyrone's team were so set on getting the lowest score, they did not progress pass hole 3 - the 'impossible hole'.

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Instructions on Google+

After going through the Mini Golf Desmos Instructions students logged on to Student Desmos using the code XZV63.

The Scorecard was projected on the board when the competition began.

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