Direct instruction

The aim of this lesson was learn how to identify the rise and run to calculate the gradient.

This video shows a review of skills learned in the previous lesson, an explanation of how to calculate the gradient, an overview of how I created an activity giving automatic feedback (using Google Sheets) and the students working through this activity.

Link to detailed lesson plan


Using the mnemonic Rise and Run was an effective way to introduce the calculation of gradients, especially after focussing on hills and mountains in the previous lesson. The Google Sheets activity was successful in engaging the students and getting them to work on their new learned skill. However I should have added some trickier questions to the end, these could have been decimals and fractions.

Learning Site Content

Instructions on Google+

The lesson began with students working through Put the Point on the Line.

These slides then demonstrated a method of calculating the gradient:

To finish the lesson the students began working on this Google Sheet, through Workspace. It gives instant feedback using the IF function.

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