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The aim of this lesson was to develop the methods used for differentiation, finding gradients at different points and calculating equations of tangents. This lesson uses Socrative and has been improved from how it worked in Episode 8.

This video shows students progressing through their second Socrative Challenge which focusses on differentiation for Calculus 2.7.

Link to detailed plan


The way Socrative worked was a huge improvement from Episode 8. This time I made sure that the answer inputs were only single numbers or fractions and not coordinates. I also changed the way the scores were projected on the board - Instead of manually updating through Google Sheets, I selected an option for Socrative to show the names of the teams but not the answers. This meant that the scores automatically updated and could be projected onto the screen without me needing to input any information. This freed up my time and allowed me to circulate the class. Next time I would add more 'easy' questions to build confidence and I would also do it during a double period to allow time to reflect on the teaching and learning.

Learning Site Content

Instructions on Google+

The students accessed the Socrative Quiz (login required to view link) and began this Socrative Challenge on Differentiation.

The Socrative site was projected on the board throughout the activity and it automatically updated to show the score.

Here is a link to the questions that the students saw on the Socrative Quiz (no login required to view link).

Students used notes from their 1E5 workbooks, Walkermaths Calculus books and the Differentiation slides to help them with the quiz.

Learner Examples