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Tamaki College

Nicola Wells

Yr 9

Class OnAir Lesson 10.mp4

Direct Instruction

Have the crime scene set up before students come in, and also have all the fruit and equipment ready to go in small groups. Students should gasp at the drama and be excited for the lesson! Then you can go through the slides of the suspects and why each step is necessary for the extraction, before handing out the instruction sheet. Let them form a conclusion based on the gel electrophoresis about who the murderer was. Then you can dramatically reveal the motive!

Extended plan here

Pt England School

Danni Stone

Yr 7/8


Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for the students to identify the evolution of the octopus. This was part of our Genomics unit which is lead by Dr. Janie Van Hees. After discussing evolution and the tree of life, we looked at the ways animals have evolved and adapted over time. In this lesson we were looking at how octopus have evolved, as our last common ancestor was a worm, some 700 million years ago.

Extended plan here

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