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Direct Instruction

This episode shares some of the Multimodal sites I have created during my five years teaching at Pt England School and the thinking behind the resources I choose and how I created the sites. This episode was made during Alert Level 3 in Auckland in March 2021, as such it speaks to teacher design process rather than student learning and outcome.

Extended Lesson Plan


I had big intentions for this episode however found that the amount I wanted to share and the time frame did not match. My hope is that this video and the content on this page will start a bigger conversation about creating sites that lead learning and how teaching practice evolves over time.

Sites Explored

Current Events

MDTA 2016

Amazing Architecture


Super Me


Something in the Water 2019

Guardians of the Galaxy 2017

Professional Inquiry MIT 2018

CV Page 2016-2020

Science in our world 2020

Multimodal Site lessons

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Clarelle Carruthers

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