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This is not so much a lesson but an explanation of how my team and I are now running learning during the level 4 alert for Covid 19 in New Zealand. You may want to check out this blog post that explains how I got to this form of online learning.

In the video you will see the layout I have used for learning during normal term time and the holiday learning journey to keep learning going. Note that unlike what you will see in Danni Stone's episode with year 7 & 8s with our year 3 children all teaching is asynchronous. This is due to device availability as well as skills and attention needed for an effective Google Meet.

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Teaching online is not and will not ever be the same as teaching in the classroom. You can not catch the same moments or notice the same needs when teaching digitally that you would do in person. I have greatly enjoyed the challenge of taking learning fully online. I like making the videos and I believed that they are being used and enjoyed by the children in my class. I do however miss the contact, hearing their voices and seeing the joy of learning. I think if this lock down is extended I will need to make more phone calls to parents and children to keep that connection going and build motivation.

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  • We are learning to engage with learning in a different way due to the Level 4 Alert and Covid 19 lockdown.

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