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This lesson is a little different from usual as it was filmed from home! I wanted to show you what distance learning looks like for my students, most of whom have been using chrome books for four years.

We found out that our school was closing due to Covid19 during lunchtime on what became the last day of term. In the final hour of the day I quickly taught my students how we would use Google Meet from home (we made the call with the students at different areas of the playground) and we did a very quick Cybersmart lesson around distant learning.

However, my students are coping extremely well with distance learning. Most of my families have expressed that they would like their children to still learn from home, so that they still feel 'normal' and are occupied. My online lessons definitely aren't mandatory, but I have had about 1/3 to over 1/2 of students tune in to my Meets, while others are completing the learning tasks without tuning in.

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I am really proud of my learners who are coping extremely well and are being very brave despite the circumstances. Meeting with them brightens my day and I can see that we all feel empowered in this situation - we are not alone and we are still enjoying learning together.

Things to note

If we had more notice, I definitely would have run a few more cybersmart lessons before launching in to distant learning. However, in our video on our homepage, we remind the students about some rules - sit in front of a wall (ideally a plain background), mute your mic when you aren't talking and dress for success. The students have followed this extremely well.

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Walt: Use descriptive language in our writing



Watch the video of Mrs Stone for an introduction of the task

Read the text, file make a copy of the slides and start imagining

Tune into the Google Meet to discuss the task further


Create a story about surviving in the wild, include descriptive language


Share your creation on your blog

Survival Story

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Rambunctious Ratio

Writing Lesson


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