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In the video, Teacher and students are collectively trying to form oral paragraphs to share their information. Teacher feeds in new words to frame sentences and students try using the new words to narrate their stories.

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What went well.

Lesson Content :- Students were very engaged and learnt new words quickly. They tried to use these words in their oral paragraphs and helped each other to use them when needed.

Lesson Pacing :- The pace of the lesson was good over all.

Lesson Delivery :- This session was a part of the whole lesson where students were learning to use specific words to orally tell their stories. Three students out of the group of five achieved this where as the other two still need support.

Student Understanding :- Students understood what was being asked to do. They were very motivated to write their stories using new words.

Student Outcomes :- Students understood what was expected and were ready to give it a go.

What still needs work.

Lesson Content :- More support is required as students need to continue to form oral paragraphs on a daily basis in order to learn and use new words.

Lesson Pacing :- I had used oral paragraphs for the first time so the pacing was not great but will improve as we work more on them.

Lesson Delivery :- I first introduced the lesson to the whole class and then again with my target students. Some could recall what was already taught and could make connections whereas two of my target students need more support.

Student Understanding :- Most students understood the purpose of the lesson. Their understanding will improve as I continue to plan for more such lessons on writing where deliberate opportunities are provided to create oral paragraphs.

Student Outcomes :- My students need a lot more time to orally say out things that they need to write. I also need to work on strategies to not make it tedious or maybe split the lesson into more comprehensible shorter lessons.

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On Friday we went for a walk and saw a few a few places that have historical significance.

This week we will be writing about the bridge and how it has changed over the past.

can you recall some of the things that we had talked about last week?

Talk about what you know, plan your writing and then write about it.


Last week there was a bridge that fell in Florida and was in News

Check out this website

We will together as a class will discuss about this news and gather some information to write

Time line of Panmure Bridge

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Blog Post

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