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Direct Instruction

The lesson focus today was to use our own prior knowledge to help us understand the text.

Learners also completed an activity that was posted on their blog which you can see below.

I really enjoyed teaching this lesson, as you can see, a couple of my learners were very unsure about the topic and they were intrigued into the idea and unknown of extraterrestrial life.

Extended plan here


Overall I was pretty impressed with the first lesson that we did. My learners were a bit funny about having the camera out, however, I was impressed with the discussions around space and the interest that they had in the topic. Following this lesson I had 2 of the boys sit with me and ask heaps of question they were really intrigued. Next time I would have an Astrobiologist ready during the lesson and video call them to ask them the questions we had, this will be more 'real' for our learners.

Things to note

The mic wasn't really working, mostly because of the masks. I tried my best to move the mic around, however, I think I'm going to stick with the using the voice recorder on my phone. I was only able to use students in this lesson who had brought back their permission slips so it was mixed ability grouping, however, it seemed to work really well. I am getting better at wearing my mask as well haha!

Class Site Content

Walt: We are learning to use our prior knowledge to understand more about the text.



Read the text, participate in extended discussion about the topic.


Work through these slides, write down questions you have about the topic.


Share our activity on our blog.

Astrobiology Finding Extraterrestrial life

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