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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for children to learn a range of different emotions and name them to learn what feeling they relate to.

The video shows children participating in a social skills game using role play and turn taking. It supports the MITEY program our school is using as part of our Inquiry for this term to enhance student wellbeing.

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On reflection I have observed how much the children in my class have enjoyed playing games which include sharing and turn taking. When you provide opportunities for social skills to be part of the daily curriculum, this helps with a child's overall wellbeing and helps develop Key Competencies in their young lives.

Things to note

Use a larger carpet space to allow children to sit in pairs or you can use the tables and allow them to play with a buddy in the classroom. Give each child verbal praise and encouragement throughout the lesson.

Class Site Content

Learning Intention

For children to name a number of emotions and identify how those feelings make them feel. Use their words to describe an example of a time they felt that way and why? Reflective thought process.


Photocopy some emoji faces with a range of emotions including words such as hopeful, disappointed, worried and excited...Laminate these A4 cards for children to use for the games.

Learner Generated Content


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