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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for children to be encouraged to participate in extended discussion around a story they have read.

The video shows a new focus group reading on Orange, level 15- 16.

Each child's individual efforts are praised and they are made to feel worthwhile for an attempt.

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On reflection I am aware that although these children are reading on Orange level 15, they all have well developed vocabularies. My aim was to encourage each child to participate in answering comprehension questions from the story they had read.

Things to note

Remember to ask a range of inferential questions and ask the child to retell the main ideas of the story. Use an experience that a child can relate to as part of the DOS (introduction) of the story.

Class Site Content

Learning Intention

For children to participate in oral discussion about the story and answer comprehension questions.


Become familiar with Gwenneth Phillips reading technique. It is a guided reading program that uses specific statements which prompt the child into using strategies to help them read fluently.

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