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This lesson shows co-teaching with myself and Hannah West. This lesson shows the students thinking about the musical instrument that they will use and how they can have these in a 4/4 time as well as keeping their lyrics in a AABB or ABAB rhyme scheme.

Hannah West is our creative space teacher this year and has been working with our classes on how to use garage band. The big overall focus for the term was for the students to create a rap and slide animation about the earth systems and how they interact with each other. This was one lesson out of many from the term where we revisited how to complete this rap. Hannah takes one half of my class each week for an hour which is where they worked on the music for the rap and students worked in class on their rap lyrics.

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I think this lesson went really well. The students were really engaged and wanting to learn more about this. This term the topic is planet earth and beyond and I have a lot of buy in from the students as they are excited about this topic and want to learn more about it. They are also learning to use garageband for the first time which is again a really exciting program for the students to use so they are really engaged and wanting to learn more.

Creating a rap is also a really interesting thing for the students as well so there is a lot of interest this term which is making it easier to have the students engaged and wanting to learn more. This also makes it really fun to teach and possible to co-teach with another teacher.

Things to note:
This is the second lesson in a series of lessons I will be doing this term. If you are wanting to see the rhyme scheme lesson that I completed in class before this session check out episode 5. The final lesson for this group of lessons is having my students teach other teachers how to use garageband which will be episode 7. Hannah West was a teacher in my team for several years and also completed Class OnAir a few years ago. We decided to team up and teach this session as we were hosting a lesson for some other teachers from Manaiakalani schools on how to use garage band in one of the create staff meetings.

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Watch This Space

Our theme for Term 2 is "Watch This Space". We will be focussing on Earth Systems, Planets and the Solar System. It is an exciting scientific adventure we will taking this term, so buckle up and get ready for your learning!

Each week you will see a different teacher in team 4 to learn about the different spheres. Click the link below to take you there now!

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