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The learning intention for this lesson was for students to learn ABAB and AABB rhyme schemes. This term our focus is on planet earth. Our big inquiry task for the students was to create a rap about the earths systems. In order for students to create a rap I started by teaching basic rhyme schemes for the students to make a start on their lyrics and to make sure that they rhyme.

This lesson was a whole class lesson on the introduction to rhyme schemes and also touched out the 4/4 timing for a beat. This lesson also shows students working out the rhyme scheme and start thinking about the lyrics they will create at the end of the term.

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I think this lesson went pretty well, the students were all engaged with the content and seemed to really enjoy learning about rhyme schemes. They had some really interesting and in-depth conversations about what sentences they were going to get to rhyme. I found it was easier for the students to make up these rhymes when they had a topic to base it around. The part of the activity they had creative control over some of them struggled to find some ideas.

Things to note:

My classroom seems to get a lot of sun in the morning to mid afternoon which shines directly into the students eyes when on the mat. This is why I have used our iMac material covers to block out the sun in the window which can be seen in some parts of the video. I will work on a different strategy next term to not have the material on the window. The memory card for one of my cameras became full while filming some parts of the lesson which is why there are limited camera angles in this video.

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Week 3: Rap Lyrics

WALT: learn the rhyme schemes and rhythm to help write lyrics for our raps.


This week we are going to start writing our raps so that we can add the music on garage band when we go to creative space.

  1. Complete the "ABAB and AABB" rhyme activity

  2. Complete the "Guess the rhyme scheme" activity

  3. Start working on your lyrics for your rap.

  • You can refer to the video to help you with the 4/4 time in order to see if your lyrics fit. Remember to clap or tap your foot to help!

  1. Post these tasks on your blog:

    • ABAB and AABB rhyme

    • Guess the rhyme scheme

Teacher Notes

What is the rhyme scheme?

ABAB and AABB Rhyme

Rap lyrics - in groups

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