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Tongan Language Week Reading

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Direct Instruction: This lesson shares an overview of the distance learning site that Team 3 and Pt England School are using during this level 4 Lockdown. Angela Moala and I made this lesson together to showcase how our team are collaboratively planning and teaching during this level 4 lockdown. You will see two videos one detailing the day to day of our planning. The other video talks about a specific reading lesson and activity. Click here to see what Angela Moala did for her reading group.

Lesson Plan

Reflection: Teaching at Level 4 is never easy. It is not the same as being in the classroom with the children. It is made easier for me having my team to support me. While we still have concerns about engagement of learner during this time. We feel confident we are providing every opportunity for learners to continue making academic progress during this challenging time.

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