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Direct Instruction: In this episode, I teamed up with Clarelle Carruthers to share with you an overview of how our year 3/4 teachers have set up Distance Learning for our team. We have taken a team wide collaborative approach to planning and presenting learning "breakout" meets for students during this time. I have also shared a video showing what a specific reading group plan looks like during Tongan Language Week. If you would like to see Clarelle's video for reading group plan please click here.

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Reflection: Being in a lockdown situation is hard enough, but then when you add teaching from home to the mix, it can become extremely overwhelming. This is why we have set our team up to collaboratively work together to prepare the lesson content and share the teaching load to ensure that our students are still having lessons thoughtfully planned and taught at their individual learning level. I believe this would be extremely difficult to do in a distance learning environment all by myself.

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