Culture & Belonging V17.mp4

Year 9 Health

Learning intention

For tauira to investigate into and reflect on how their local community shows they belong (or do not belong) through cultural artefacts, places & spaces. They will do this through a tauira-led journey in vans through our community.


This occurred during Level 1 in Aotearoa.

Extended plan


NZHEA - Making connections with Pacific ideas in Health Education (Activity 19 - p94)


Tauira were beyond excited to be out of class and examining their own community as the focus for their learning. They were fascinated when they realised they could view their own community with a set purpose and discover things they had never seen before. The haerenga really helped them identify places where their cultural identity was or was not represented in the community. Realising that some places/spaces/artefacts in the community gave them a great sense of belonging and some did not, once student stated “ If this doesn’t have anything to represent us, is this even our community?”

I would love for them to use their visual boards as a stepping stone to take some sort of collection action to improve community well-being in 2021.