Jigsaw V16.mp4

Year 9 Health

Learning intention

For tauira to be the facilitators/teachers of the learning & to practise their collaborative & cooperative skills


This occurred during Level 1 in Aotearoa.

Extended plan



Some of the topics I gave the students to learn and teach others were too difficult. Due to this, some of what they were teaching each other was incorrect or more specifically the concept was often correct but not in a Health Education context and therefore confusing for the other students. To avoid this in future, I would either give a set of resources to the focus/experts groups to make sense of together and create their google drawing from there or pick simpler concepts with more context in the instructions.

What surprised me most about the jigsaw was how every tauira participated in the research with their expert group without complaint and supported and encouraged each other through-out their sharing in their jigsaw groups. While there was the odd student off-task or distracted in the presentations, - which to be fair, it was hard to concentrate with so much noise, so next time I'd encourage them to go to different spaces - everyone shared what they had learnt and asked thoughtful questions of their teammates while really supporting them (high fives, claps, encouraging words). So while the content side of the learning may not have worked the way I'd hoped, the jigsaw was a great way for practising interpersonal skills, building students confidence and self-esteem and holding every student accountable to their learning and the learning of others. I would highly recommend giving it a go.