V3 KPMG Tauira Presentations .mp4

Year 9 Health

Learning intention

For tauira to experience a day at a multi-national corporation:

c) To present their ideas from their 'design sprint' to their class and the KPMG team.


This occurred during Level 1 in Aotearoa. Hence being able to go on trips out of school.

Extended plan



When I think back to the first fews weeks of the year, and how scared so many tauira were to speak and present in front of their peers, I could not be more proud of this moment. They have gone from strength to strength with the different projects they have created and presented through-out the integrated learning approach across subject areas. To speak in front of KPMG staff, teachers, their DP & their peers was very courageous. While I realise for some people, public speaking is easy, some students in this class use to cry because they were so anxious about it. All students presented to their best ability given it was the end of year and they had little time to prep. I am in awe of a) the students in this class who pushed past their fears, and b) those tauira who supported their teammates and classmates to be able to do so. That KPMG staff members then also gave them feedback was powerful as it contributed further to their public speaking & cooperation skill development.