S2(a)KMPG Design Challenge - 'The Situation' (1).mp4

Year 9 Health

Learning intention

For tauira to experience a day at a multi-national corporation:

b) To practise their design thinking skills with a 'design sprint' devised by the KPMG team.


This occurred during Level 1 in Aotearoa. Hence being able to go on trips out of school.


Video 1 - Design Thinking Challenge set by KPMG

Video 2 - Students completing a Design Thinking Sprint

Extended plan


S2 (b) KMPJ Design Challenge Group Planning.mp4


What an amazing opportunity for our tauira. It was fabulous to see them working together on something they were passionate about. I really enjoyed learning from and with the group of boys when completing their DTC. It was super impressive to see how engaged they all were and how excited they got about the challenge that was proposed. I was also really proud to see how much their critical & creative thinking had evolved over the year and culminated in this day.