S1 Design Thinking with KPMG - V13.mp4

Y9 Health Class

Learning intention

For tauira to experience a day at a multi-national corporation:

a) to tour the facilities and review the Design Thinking Model with them.


This occurred during Level 1 in Aotearoa. Hence being able to go on trips out of school.

Extended plan



Tauira were fascinated by the many features of the KPMG building. The staff that were there presenting and providing tours and sharing with the students during the day were great facilitators and the students connected with them in different ways. The review of the Design Thinking Model (DTM) was exciting for our young people to see as they have been executing it themselves through-out the year. It was great for tauira to see how the DTM could be applied in a business context both externally to help their clients and internally to help their own people. Tauira were fascinated that what they were learning about in school was also being taught to top business people.