Inside the Red

Direct Instruction:

This episode was filmed near the end of our literacy study on famous artists. Students had just completed reading, "The Great Ordinary" found in School Journal Level 4, November 2016 and the poem "At the End of the Driveway" is from the same journal.

Students really enjoyed thinking back on their time 'inside the red gate' that surrounds our school as they formed their poems together.

Extended Plan Here

Reflection: The learning behind this task was great for the kids as a poetry review. We had good discussion and it was great to hear some of the groups working through how to format the rhyming rhythm of their stanzas. Year 8 students really enjoyed having a last time of reflection on their years at our school "Inside the Red Gate" and they really enjoyed taking the pictures to go along with their poem.

Class Site Content

WALT: write a reflective poem.

Inside the Red Gate

LEARN: After a class discussion about poetry, write a poem that follows a similar structure to "At the End of the Driveway"

CREATE: A presentation to display your poem and photos.

SHARE: Share your poem and photo presentation on your blog with a well written task description.

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