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This term, we have been focusing on sustainability and environmental problems in our literacy class. The learning intention for this episode was for students to share the valuable information they had learnt in the form of a public service announcement.

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Reflection: This was a very fun way for us to end the year while working in collaborative groups. I purposely gave a variety of PSAs as examples and did not choose any that were about a similar topic to the one we were exploring in class. Students had a lot of fun putting their learning together in this manner. However, it was a bit challenging to get everything completed as quickly as I hoped due to the number of interruptions that Term 4 presents in our Intermediate Block.

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WALT: present a worldwide environmental problem as a public service announcement.

Public Service Announcements

The past few weeks we have been learning about sustainability and exploring solutions to various worldwide environmental problems

  1. As a class, we will have a discussion about Public Service Announcements.

  2. In your group of 2-4 students, complete the PSA Planning doc and Storyboard.

  3. After completing your planning doc, and story board, you will be creating your own PSA to be shared at our class viewing party.

Public Service Announcements

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