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Learners came to this lesson having read and discussed the text, Six Days a Week (School Journal Level 4, March 2012). They had also read the text, Strength of Roots (School Journal Level 4, March 2012) prior to meeting with me for this lesson.

In the lesson, learners were to deeply analyse the text in relation to the four areas of hauora: taha whānau (social well being), taha wairua (spiritual well being), taha tinana (physical well being) and taha hinengaro (mental/emotional well being). Knowledge of the dimensions of hauora were all part of the learners' prior knowledge, having been explored throughout the 1-2 weeks prior to reading this text.

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In this lesson, the learners were able to make strong connections between the text and their prior knowledge. Through these connections, learners were able to analyse this text to a deep level. The follow up (independent) tasks allowed learners to extend and share their learning and make these connections to their prior knowledge.

The follow up tasks did take a long time to be completed. I therefore need to ask myself why this was. The learners were clearly engaged with the variety of the follow up tasks, yet on reflection, I believe I was expecting too much to be completed in response to one text. I need to be thinking about what the main learning intention is for the lesson and reduce the quantity of tasks I expect learners to complete independently. The challenge is ensuring that the tasks are still high quality in terms of learning, engagement and creativity.

Learning Site Content

WALT make connections between different ideas in texts as well as our prior knowledge.

WALT make and support inferences.

WALT learn new vocabulary about our inquiry, Move Ya' Body.


This week, we are going to continue looking at Hauora/ well-being. We are going to think about how being and feeling healthy requires a balance of four things.


1. Re-watch the video to learn about the four elements of Hauora.

2. Read the text, Six Days a Week. Think about how it links to Hauora.

3. Read the text, The Strength of Roots.

4. Re-read the texts, Well-being, Hauora and Dimensions of Hauora.

Six Days a Week

[By Maria Gill, SJL4 March 2012]

The Strength of Roots

[By Marisa Maepu, SJL4 March 2012]

[TKI, Online]

[TKI, Online]


Reading Tasks, Maungakiekie

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