MGCoA Episode

Direct Instruction

In this lesson, learners are continuing to learn how to create a google site. They are doing this alongside explicit teaching of the Key Competencies.

The lesson begins with a recap of what they have done in previous lessons. Previously, the learners have learned how to create a new google site in their drive. On a home page, they have had the opportunity to explore how how to add a title (Key Competency Portfolio) and personalise this. They have also learned how to use some of the basic tools on google sites (inserting an image and adding a text box). Using 5 text boxes, learners have been taught how to add titles for each of the key competencies (thinking; relating to others; understanding symbols, languages and texts; managing self; participating and contributing) which will be learned later on.

After the recap, learners discuss what it means to manage onself and then learn how to create a new page and hyperlink to this page.

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The video footage of this lesson is not the best. It was difficult to get a good camera shot which included both me and the learners. Therefore, part way through the lesson, I moved the cameras around to get closer shots of the children working on their sites. While watching the video footage from this lesson, I realised how much I drew my attention to the same learners when I asked questions. I could be better supporting the learners sitting at the back of the mat during whole class instruction by moving around, which will require learners to remain focused on me as I teach. I will then be more aware of those learners who are sitting towards the back of the class.

I was very conscious in this lesson that I had not managed where learners were sitting in the most effective way and I was focused on getting through the instructions so learners could begin creating. I need to be thinking of new strategies where I can teach the content to learners efficiently yet enthusiastically/ interestingly so I don't lose the interest of the learners. I could be thinking about how I can plan better for this by creating short videos which give learners the instructions. This way, learners can self-direct and rewind if and when they need to. My job as the teacher would then be directed more towards supporting learners one-on-one or in small groups as they work.

I could have scaffolded the creation of a blog post more clearly for learners so they could create a more meaningful blog post. Rather than just taking screenshots of their site and then writing one or two sentences explaining what they did, learners later created screencasts to explain what they had learned.

Learning Site Content

WALT understand what it means to 'manage self.'

WALT make a new page on google sites.

WALT make a hyperlink to a page on google sites.

Learner Created Content