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Direct Instruction

In this learning experience, the children had the challenge of creating sculptures, using materials around the school grounds, with the theme of 'What Christmas means to you.' During this learning experience, the children were learning to use a wider range of specific language in order to describe ideas which were communicated in their art (NZ curriculum learning objective).

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This learning experience allowed the children to be creative and have fun. The purpose of the lesson was clear and the children were highly engaged.

For me, this learning experience really highlighted the importance of, as the teacher, going into the lesson with a detailed content knowledge. This is important as it allows you to be more flexible with how detailed your teaching goes, depending on how the children are responding in the moment. In this learning experience, the children were ready to learn more than what I was prepared for.

This lesson also highlighted the important of learning experiences being fun and creative. These children were so engaged in the create part of this lesson, that the learning came really naturally and you could see them really trying to extend themselves by taking risks when describing their artwork.

Learning Site Content

Christmas Sculptures

WALT describe ideas communicated in our art.

Learn: Last week, we made sculptures our of materials which we could find around the school. We talked about the art form of building sculptures and materials which would be suitable to use.

Create a sculpture, using materials found around school, which represents Christmas for your group. Present your finished sculpture to the other groups.


  • A video of the process you took to create your sculpture.

  • A photo of your finished product.

  • A piece of writing which explains the task and what you have learned about sculpture building.

      • Vocabulary: Art form, Style, Materials, Tools, Technique

      • More vocabulary: Click here!

Learner Created Content