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In this learning experience, the children learned about writing from different points of view. After watching a video, they had to listen to an audio recording written from the point of view of the person taking the video. After this, they had to write a paragraph from the point of view of the sheep in the video. The next task was to get into a group and take a photo with at least one person in the shot. Finally, the children had to write a paragraph from the point of view of the person taking the photo and then from the point of view of the person/people in the photo.

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Even though the children did really well sitting on the mat for longer than usual, I need to be thinking about how I can break up a writing launch like this in the future so that the children are not sitting for too long. This is difficult in a task like this one where a detailed explanation of the task is required. I could have shorten the launch for this writing experience by breaking it up across the week. The difficulty with this is that some children will finish tasks quicker than others and will want to move on.

The other reflection from this lesson is specific to writing. I need to focus on the balance between giving learners opportunities to work on writing tasks, and seeing them for smaller group teaching. This can be difficult in writing and often I end up resorting to working one on one.

I feel that this lesson could easily have been extended into a second week to get some higher quality and detailed writing. The children were really engaged in the photography part of this lesson however, not enough focus was placed on the quality of the point of view writing which emerged from this photography experience.

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Points of View

WALT recognise, understand and use connections between oral, written and visual language.

WALT use a range of dimensions/ viewpoints in our writing.

WALT seek feedback and make changes to our writing.

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