MGCoA: Map of our run

Direct Instruction

In this lesson, the children are learning to make estimations based on their prior knowledge around measurement. They are doing this using the familiar context of the class run which we do most days in preparation for our school cross country this term.

Learners will be asked to record an estimation for the distance of 1 lap of the run. They will then run one lap before returning to calculate the actual distance using the measurement tools on Google Maps.

Note: Most of these learners had prior experience with using Google Maps and some of the learners had been exposed to the measurement tool on Google Maps prior to this lesson.

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The learners were really engaged in this lesson however I think I could have done a better job of explicitly talking to the learners about the learning intentions of the lesson. I need to be asking myself whether I have been clear enough in explaining the learning intentions of lessons with the learners. Often it is easy to get so focussed on ensuring the learners remain engaged in their learning, that I rush the last part of a lesson to ensure I don't lose learner engagement. In the process, the lesson ends without the lesson having been clearly concluded. Therefore, I feel some learners leave without a clear understanding of what they have learned.

How can I do this better whilst keeping learners engaged? I already encourage learners to create a task description on their blog posts so their readers know the purpose of the post and therefore their learning. However, in many cases, this can continue to be improved. I have found that rubrics work really well with these learners, particularly when they include an 'action step' for the learners to follow. This could be a way I could provide more scaffolding to learners in taking responsibility for their own learning from new experiences. In terms of my teaching, I need to get better at ensuring I leave enough time at the end of lessons so unhurried discussions around the learning intentions can be had.

Learning Site Content

Map my Run

WALT estimate distances using our knowledge of a kilometre.

WALT use google maps to calculate a distance.

This is the template which learners had access to through our class site.

Learner Created Content