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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to understand fractions by using the concept of music. I originally planned this as a series of lessons (see extended plan), however due to the time of the year and the knowledge I still required to gain about individual learners, the lesson was more aimed at finding out about how these learners were able to share their learning during collaborative problem solving. The key learning for students to take away from this lesson was how to problem solve collaboratively and how to combine fractions to make new fractions (example, 2/4 or 4/8 is the same as 1/2).

Extended plan here


This lesson turned out to be more focused on how learners could collaboratively problem solve and reason mathematically, rather than demonstrating a strong understanding of fractions. These learners were able to identify and confidently explain basic fractions and were beginning to convert between fractions with different denominators. More will need to be done to support learners in confidently converting between fractions with different denominators as this appeared to be a common challenge (e.g. converting between quarters and eighths). Begin explicitly teaching talk moves to support learners in collaborative problem solving. Reflecting on my teaching, I could have done the teaching of this lesson without my laptop. The use of google drawing to draw the fraction could have been achieved using paper - digital did not enhance the teaching of this in any way. My focus is at times too much on my device, rather than the learners. I need to ensure this does not happen and that focus is directed at the learners at all times. Through doing this, I will better monitor those learners who are not yet understanding concepts and provide necessary support to them.

Learning Site Content

Weeks 3-4: Fractions

Focus: Applying our current knowledge of fractions.

WALT create music using fractions

WALT add/subtract fractions


  • 1. Meet with Miss West to launch the concept of musical fractions.

  • 2. Work in your group to solve the musical fractions task.

  • 3. Share it on your blog

      • Your blog post should include:

            • The google drawing task

            • Task Description

            • Video of you clapping the rhythm

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